On the beach!

The Zinc textile brand is a division of Romo. Romo is also one of the latest – very welcome – additions to Design Joburg Collective (DJC).

Zinc recently launched some new fabric collections, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing them in person come 3 to 5 June.

We particularly have our eyes set on the Beach Collection: a carefully curated range featuring selected trends from the brand’s past ten years of innovative textile designs.

“The Beach Collection is a culmination of our favourite relaxed, textural qualities, that, when used together, create that ever desirable beach-side style”, says Justin Marr, Design Director.

This retrospective is anything but fuddy-duddy though. Here you’ll find softness and sophistication: a collection bursting with rugged textures, soft chenilles, bouclés, embroideries and just enough metallics.

The emphasis is on a calm and relaxed aesthetic that will transport you to those gently unspooling days spent amid surf and sand.


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