19 – 21 May 2022

The Storer


We, at The Storer, invite you on an adventure to distant lands.

To places where nostalgia is your intrepid companion. Places that are familiar, yet seldom navigated. Allow us to take you back to a place that you have yearned for, a place where borders merge into one exotic destination.

Just as the human touch is manifest in all of the pieces we sell, so too is the sacred human connection between artisan and buyer. As we make the journey across the globe to discover authentic products in the form of homeware, clothing, ceramics and glassware, we want you to share in the narrative of the very people who created these beautiful items.

It’s our aim to bring you honest, authentic goods, be they Tamegroute bowls from Morocco, vintage Berber rugs or hand-blown Guatemalan drinking glasses. We encourage you to choose slowly and collect consciously, after all…the things you choose to take with you on your own journey are a reflection of who you are and the way in which you choose to live. They’re as matchless as your DNA.

We’re not about trends, we’re about stories and we’d like to share our travels with you and introduce you to the artisans that we’ve met along the way. We’d like to give you a sense of the knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation in crafting the goods that capture your heart.

Like you, we have a love of sustainable resources and precious raw materials like wool, clay, glass, leather and wood. These are what give our products life. They have natural character, inherent imperfections and millennia behind them. They tell stories and are as individual as you are.

Our devotion to craft runs deep and the golden thread that connects crafters around the globe runs through all of our products. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a world of rare discoveries, authentic craft and time-honoured practices. We’re a retail brand with soul in a sea of consumerist brands. Join in on our journey, you’ll never look back.



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