19 – 21 May 2022

Dinesen - Domum

Great planks are made with great detail

From a carefully selected range of trees comes a world of opportunities and sensory perceptions.

Our craftsmanship and knowledge of manufacturing have been refined through four generations to obtain a finish like no other. We preserve the natural beauty of the tree and its pure and powerful expression. Knots are given special attention to give the planks character and personality.

Only when every detail is perfect can we create the exceptional.

Our ambition is to realize your vision

We transform the tranquility of the forest into unique interior spaces with the same feeling of calm and serenity. We are dedicated to fulfilling your vision while maintaining our own high standards and attention to detail.

Our team is committed to providing you with exceptional service worldwide. We support the entire process from forest to the finished project, letting our knowledge guide you to your chosen destination.

To us, every relationship is unique – from customer to partner and employee. Together, we can attain new heights in wood.


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