19 – 21 May 2022

Co - 44 Stanley

We are proudly Mzanzi born and raised.

Founded by visionary, Mike McKay, KusudiCo was developed with deep local roots and a mission to create sustainability and opportunity in South Africa. Mike has 34 years’ experience in retail – buying, product sourcing and supplying retailers in the South African market. He has a passion for product and for people and believes the only way forward for South Africa is to create more value here in our beautiful country; import less and export more!

The idea behind our business is to collaborate with local design talent; work with some of our countries best wood and steel furniture engineers and artisans; assemble a range of expertly made furniture and décor products that appeal and satisfy the needs of today’s modern urban customer. We are passionate about understanding our customers and clients, engaging with them directly, or through our retail partners, then developing products and services that are relevant and aligned to their modern lives or requirements.

Each product is made with love and care, in a factory or workshop, by a South African with a story to tell and a family to feed. Like our people, our products are strong, durable, authentic, and lasting.


44 Stanley

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